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We take extraordinary care to create the best herbal products we can. We hand harvest all the botanicals used to create our tinctures. Consideration is given to the environment the products is growing in. We look for and favour the "magical spots" found in nature to harvest from. We never take from areas that are environmentally questionable. The time of day, weather, and time of year are all considerations effecting potency that we observe. In addition to sustainably harvesting natures finest plant specimens, we process the plants consisting entirely of food grade equipment consisting largely of stainless and glass equipment.

About our Tinctures

One of our largest products is botanical tinctures. We favour wet tinctures, that we process immediately to prevent oxidization and preserve volatile oils and formates. High proof ethanol is used before hydration in order to increase the alkaloids, balsams, fats and waxes. Only later is pure water (0-3ppm) used to bring the solution to the desired potency; this creates the maximum osmotic pressure that helps to "pull" constituents and the ethanol into the rest of the solution. Additionally, each tincture contains vegetable glycerine to further increase the dissoluble saponins and tannins. Each batch is allowed to sit for a minimum period of 4 weeks to ensure a through extraction.

Shipping & Delevery

We ship world wide for a $10 dollar flat fee. Any order, any size anywhere. If your area is not in our shipping options, please let us know and we will enable your area so you can complete your checkout. Customers Between the Niagara Region & the GTA can select a delivery option. Delivery is $50.


A 20% discount is applied to your order if you spend more than $400.
A 40% discount is applied if you spend $650 or more. In order for the discuont to be applied, over $1080 worth of product will need to be added to your cart, wich after the discount brings your total to $650.
An additional 5% cash discount is available if paying by cash when the order is delivered.
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