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Iodine Tincture
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This is a high potency iodine made in accordance with the Edgar Cayce Readings. It contains 200mcg of iodine per drop.


Pleaes note the smaller sized bottle is ready for immedate use, with a dropper. The larger bottle is intended as a refill or for use in formula. It has no dropper.

Iodine Tincture
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Excerpts From The:
Edgar Cayce Readings
by Edgar Cayce
1901 - 1945

Edgar Cayce Reading T1958-4

(Q) Is there a glandular condition resulting from whooping cough?

(A) The glands need to be cleared. Give the body one drop of Atomidine in water before the morning meal for two days in succession each week, for four or five weeks. Just two days a week, but let those days be together, you see.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2917-2

As we find there needs to be kept in the present all of those suggestions which have been indicated, including the Atomidine, but still in a very mild form. One to two minims before the morning meal, and in series as has been indicated. This is to stimulate the activity of the glands, especially of the thyroid for drainage. Also we would keep the adjustments through the areas where greater drainages are needed for the alleviating of those disturbances which arise from over stimulation to the glands and the conditions about the thyroid. There has been some disturbance in the minds of many as to the use of the Violet Ray in such conditions. This as we find is beneficial. But, if there is such a condition as to cause the one administering the manipulative forces to create fear in the body to which the application is made, leave same off. But we will find eventually the needs of changing the vibrations later on, which is done through the high vibration of such treatments.

Edgar Cayce Reading T528-11

For the prevention of cold and the inclinations which usually arise though the mucous membranes of the nasal passage and the throat, we would use a weakened solution of Atomidine as a spray. This would be advisable once a day or once in two days dependent upon the irritation, how much activity, how much in areas where there may be expected particles of dust to accumulate, or where there is a great deal of activity of many bodies. As to how often the spray is used then, depends upon such activities. This will require then that the atomizer be cleansed very thoroughly each time after it is used, else the tendency will be for the solution to corrode upon parts of the atomizer too greatly. If possible use a glass or rubber atomizer, and even then clean same with a little warm soda solution and let it dry thoroughly and be wiped again before solution is put in to same. Spray the nasal passages and the throat. The proportions for the solution would be a teaspoonful of Atomidine to an ounce of distilled water, or that proportion. Or, preferably use a medicine dropper and measure how many drops to a teaspoonful. Then once set it is not necessary to measure in the teaspoonful, but in the medicine dropper or in the glass, which is much preferable to metals of any nature.

Edgar Cayce Reading T959-1

Occasionally, or once a week, we would use a douche with Aromidine in the proportions of about a tablespoonful to a quart and a half of water. Then following same we would use the Violet Ray with the vaginal applicator for three to five minutes.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2015-8

(Q) What can be done as a precaution to keep her from contracting infantile paralysis, which is prevalent in the vicinity?

(A) Every other day give one drop of Atomidine in half a glass of water, before the morning meal. Keep this up for five doses, skip five and repeat, continuing in this manner through the winter.

(Q) Would this also be a dosage to prevent a grown person from contracting infantile paralysis?

(A) For a grown person take two drops every day for five days, skip five days and so on.

(Q) Any other suggestions for precautions, than those already being taken?

(A) These would do as we find indicated in the present.

Edgar Cayce Reading T433-4

(Q) What else should I do to put myself in a normal healthy condition?

(A) Follow these lines as have been suggested and we will find that the body, with some persistence, and being consistent with self, will be on the improve. Do not feel that the body can break over, take too much meats or too strong drink, and too much of those that produce irritations, and not suffer the results or consequences of same. Be persistent and consistent for at least a period sufficient to have the system adjust itself to the renewed conditions, see? It will be effectual also, will the body take internally small quantities of Atomidine occasionally; not over three to five drops. And this, as we find, would preferably be taken one drop every two to three days, see? The tendency of this in this quantity (this preferably would be taken in the middle of the afternoon) would be to produce, taken at this time, with the gastric juices of the stomach, that which when it enters the duodenum, those fluids that will be healing to the system, see? Hence reducing that tendency of pressure and fullness. Do not take same too often, and do not take in a large dose. Two or three times a week would be sufficient.

Edgar Cayce Reading T313-4

In the functioning of the glands of the system, these as related to their cleansing themselves, are now near normal. Hence we would leave off those properties that excite or produce a stimuli to same in their functioning (Atomidine), but adding those that are of the same characterization that may be assimilated from the character of the food taken.

Edgar Cayce Reading T120-1

The corrections, then, should begin with the diet first. We shall add to the system those especially of magnesium, silicon, and sulphur, with iodine well distributed in the diet.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1062-1

Then the use of the super quantity or over quantity of iodine, for that is what Atomidine is though the poison is removed from the iodine, tends to purify of cleanse the glandular system, especially for this body; the thyroid and the glands as related to assimilation, in the pancreas, the liver, and the spleen itself, toward digestion.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1247-1

Owing to those stimulations that have been given, yet these in their deeper secretions or the internal portions of same, have not supplied, do not supply that which acts as the cleansing of the glandular forces themselves. This then has made and does make for deficiencies of the natures of the very elements that these glands secrete internally, or the effect of iodine or potassium in the system. This then is a lacking element and is that which may aid, though there will be seen the necessity of the addition of other forces to counterbalance as well as create a balance in other functionings of the organs themselves.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1026-1

These are reflex conditions and not organic. Neither are they the result of other than the unbalancing in what may be termed the ratio between the potash, the calcuims, and the iodides through the system. And these effects are indicated in the manner in which the circulatory forces or the blood supply is indicated in its activity through the principal organs through which there is the clarification of the blood, the purification in others, the sterilization in others, the fertilization through other portions. For as the blood supply is indeed the life and the vitality, it carries in same then, the various influences necessary not only for cleansing the system, but for replenishing it also for its relationships in its activity through various functioning organs of the body itself; keeping that equilibrium between the mental reactions and the imaginative.

Edgar Cayce Reading T294-130

(Q) Should the Bismuth and Milk of Magnesia, alternated, be continued?

(A) These would be well, as would be the iodine, or Atomidine, to be taken occasionally also, that there is the proper according of the forces as make for emunctory and of the glands' activity; for most glands secretions we see the necessary functioning of the gland is iodine, or to put it in common parlance, most glands function as machinery would under oil. The iodine being the oil for the gland, see?

Edgar Cayce Reading T717-1

As we find then the condition that first produced or brought about the activities in the system that deal with the organs as to their showing the greater disturbance in the present, was from sepsis poisoning that arose in the physical activities of the body following childbirth, that made for the effective pressures in the organs of the pelvis, and the activities in the nervous system. This was the primary cause. The effects have been to first the incapacitating of the nerve forces, or supplies to portions of the system, allowing then the accumulations to come about in the system and the unbalancing of the elements that make up the acids and alkalines for the system, or rather the potassiums and the iodides for the elemental activities of the nerve forces as related to the gland secretions, through the very pressure as created by the existent in the lower dorsal and lumbar area. Hence the complications that have arisen with the functionings of the liver, spleen, pancreas, and especially the lacteal ducts or assimilating forces in the system as to the supplying of the resuscitating forces or influences.

Edgar Cayce Reading T557-1

The Atomodine (atomic iodine) taken into the system in such a manner that it may be assimilated by the body itself is no to over stimulate or to produce irritation in an area where the disturbances have arisen, and from which they do arise, but to gradually build for the ducts of the body, in the ductless glands especially, as indicated in the ducts or glands about the liver secretion both excretory and secretive functioning, as related particularly to the lacteal ducts and glands. Hence with the stimulation (and this brought about so that the body itself responds), this will be overcome.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1062-1

Owing to those stimulations that have been given, yet these in their deeper secretions, or the internal portions of same, have not supplied, do not supply, that which acts as the cleansing of the glandular forces themselves. This then has made, and does make for deficiencies of the nature, of the very elements that these glands secrete internally, or the effect of iodine or potassium in the system. This then is the lacking element, and is that which may aid; though there will be seen the necessity of the addition of other forces to counterbalance, as well as create a balance in other functionings of the organs themselves.

Edgar Cayce Reading T813-2

We find there is a lack of the necessary forces for keeping a full flow of the normal corpuscle activity owing to a lack of the elements in the body, and the blood supply, for the balance between the iodine and the potash. Or there is an excess of potash in the system.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1926-1

We find that these have to do with that balance necessary in the influences or activities of secretions produced in glands, and the resultant effect of the unbalancing causes disturbances in the body in what may be termed the ratio between the potash, the calcium, and the iodides in the system

Edgar Cayce Reading T257-69

Were those properties of the iodine in it's original state shot through with so many volts of electric current, then its combination and its usefulness as a non-poisonous article in the combination would be made. This has been outlined before, yet not understood. Necessary that some laboratory tests be made as to just the quantity, or just the quality of the product before it's combination in the boiling together.

Edgar Cayce Reading T951-1

The evening meal may be of well balanced vegetables that are of the leafy nature, and that carry more of those properties as given. We will find much in turnips, eggplant (no cabbage of any nature, either cold or cooked), some characters of beans, provided they are well dried and grown in a soil that is different from that carrying iron, see? These will aid. The meats should be preferably (when taken at all) of wild game or fish, or oysters or seafood. So much for the diet! Then we would take also internally those properties of Atomidine. This is iodine in a form that it may be assimilated in the system. In the beginning, if this is taken in large quantities, it would tend to make for a greater stiffness. Then we would begin with small quantities. Twice a day take three minims in water, morning and evening. Each day increase the amount one minim until there is being taken at least ten minims twice a day. Then stop for five days and begin over again.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1800-26

(Q) Please explain the reactions and effect of the Atomidine and the stuff in this preparation.

(A) The Atomidine being broken up from kelp (carrying an effective activity upon irritation) makes for an activity upon the tobacco, which also is as a preservative as well as a deodorant, as well as an activity that enhanced the action of the atomic forces in the iodine, see?

Edgar Cayce Reading T462-4

For there are elements that are lacking in the system, or there is an excess as it might be termed, of elements that make for an unbalancing, and hence lacking in some directions. If these were all balanced there might be little change necessary in the character or amount of elements for corrections, see? There is then an excess of potash as related to elements that create in the blood supply and in the activity in the organs as to cause a tendency for sluggishness of activity through the alimentary canal, and low or cold activity of the organs of elimination producing a thickening or a temperature of a nature in other portions of the system. Lacking then, in the present balance, of the iodines; not iodine of potassium, but tincture or atomic iodine.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2175-2

Use plenty of foods that are of sea food variety. All kinds of these should be taken, for there is the need of the iodine in this form for the body. In the seasoning of food use the kelp salt or sea salt or seaweed salt, see? This for the body is preferable, even to the regular iodized salt. This will make much difference.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1466-2

Also take internally during this same periods small amount; not over two or three drops, three times a week, of Atomidine, or atomic iodine. Beware during these treatments of sea foods, unless fish, but of the shell foods beware.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1298-1

(Q) Has there ever been a Prince Attakawa of Cambodia in my life?

(A) As the husband in that life in the experience there, and in the city of the dead. Beware of the sojourn there, of that insect. Not what ye know as or call the mosquito, but rather that as is of a boring nature. For only do the long dead bring into the experience the activities of those things there as thine own bodily forces. Carry then those properties of atomic iodine, or Atomidine, in sufficient quantities that such solution may not only be used for bathing or sponging the body, but for taking internally. And ye will find as it aids in these ye will bring the physical forces and the normal responses to conditions in and about the body.

Edgar Cayce Reading T881-1

First we would have in the system these elements that would not only make for a cleansing, but a stimulating of the activity as to the gland secretions of the body, so as to create a variation in the balance in the circulation and in the functioning of the glands as related to the body activity or balance; making for a normalcy in the metabolism and the katabolism of the system. There is a lacking then, of those forces that may be supplied through atomic iodine or Atomidine in very small quantities to overcome the potassium reaction in the system to the glands; thyroid, the adrenal, the lacteals, those in the caecum, and those throughout especially the functioning of the eliminations through the kidneys, or in that which stimulates the activity from the bladder that at times causes disturbance. These properties would be taken in the proportion of one minim before the morning meal and one minim before retiring, in half a glass of water.

Edgar Cayce Reading T698-1

(Q) What medication should be put in the baths or fume material?

(A) Iodine. Preferably we would use the atomic iodine known as Atomidine. This would be put in a croup cup, you see, so that the steam from same enters.

(Q) Eucalyptus oil also?

(A) Eucalyptus is helpful, but at this specific time we would use more of the Atomidine. Eucalyptus may come later with wintergreen and the same solution, or a little oil of turp, or better still oil of pine needles. Burt this would come later. We ant to reduce rather, first, the pressure, and change these vibrations in the system. The iodine activity in this manner will not injure the body in any form, you see; while if it were taken internally it would work against the condition in the sensory system.

Edgar Cayce Reading T391-11

(Q) How can I relieve the swelling and pain in the testicles?

(A) By the application of heat. When making the application upon the secret organs use cloths wrong out on the atomic iodine (Atomidine). Weakened, to be sure, but apply the heat, to hold the heat, and these will make for easing. Proportion: one to four. Do that!

(Q) Is the condition contagious?

(A) Rather infectious than contagious

(Q) Can anyone else get it from me?

(A) Infectious means it is infectious; it can be.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1100-8

As we find, as there is the inclination for the lack of the proper secretions to the body from the thyroids, the use of a spray in the mucous membranes of the nostril and the nasal passages as well as throat, of the atomic iodine (Atomidine), would be well. The proportions for this body would be a teaspoonful of Atomidine to an ounce of distilled water, used in a spray. This would be absorbed and also act as an antiseptic and as an astringent, and be healing to the body.

Edgar Cayce Reading T931-2

We would also be mindful that the diet is such that makes for more of the proper balance between the acids and the alkalines. So, we would use more of the alkaline reacting foods and those that carry more iodine content, as from lobster, shellfish and the like. None of the foods taken should ever be fried foods.

Edgar Cayce Reading T313-4

In the matter of the diet we would not alter or change a very great deal, save that there should be more often taken those that carry iodine in the system, such as the oyster or the shell fish or those of especially certain characters of fish that are of the deep sea nature, but not those of the nature that carry only certain portions or quantities, but as the mackerel or plummet, or jackfish or the like - these are very good. Those that are of the freshwater or of coarse flesh, not so good - but principally shell fish, oyster, lobster, or crab, or the like. As for vegetables, those that carry the iodine, as of lentils, beans, peas, radish, salsify, onions, and salads of lettuce, celery, and those activities that make for a cleansing of the bloodstream. All of these will be well. Not for over eating, but keeping an even balance. Quantities that will be assimilated of olive oil will always be well for the system.

Edgar Cayce Reading T749-1

(Q) Do the teeth require attention?

(A) Some local attention, especially in the lower left portion, but these also with their stimulation will be materially aided, and especially when the iodine properties affect the system. For as there are the tendencies in the present for the calling upon the glands for their functionings through the activity of the system, that create those influences making for the elements of the teeth, the nails, the structural or cuticle portions in the system, there is a tendency to weaken the teeth, naturally. But, the stimulation of these will bring new vigor, new circulation. Do these.

Edgar Cayce Reading T337-20

(Q) In what condition are my teeth?

(A) These are some bettered from that as we have had heretofore. We will find that for the reducing of those acids as tend to form by acidity in the system, that affects those of the glands as produce the saliva in the upper portion of the digestive system, will diluted iodine be rubbed on the gums, or the mouth rinsed with same, this will keep down the acid.

Edgar Cayce Reading T308-8

(Q) What causes the ends of my hair to split and prescribe treatment necessary to correct this condition?

(A) Lack of the proper activity of the thyroid gland. This is to be changed by not burning the hair, not taking too much of the oil out of the body, but by taking occasionally a little Atomidine; not too much, if the body is close to or upon the seashore regularly. But three days in succession during one week out of the month, take one drop in half a glass of water before the morning meal. Don't take it the rest of the time.

Edgar Cayce Reading T654-9

At least every day, until the irritation and discharge is better, do have the Atomidine douche - body temperature. The portions would be a teaspoonful of Atomidine to each quart of water, used, having the water body temperature. Then, after the Atomidine douche, use a warm douche with Glycothymoline in same; about a tablespoon to a quart of water. The Atomidine is the acid and the Glycothymoline is the alkaline, you see? The Atomidine douche is destructive to the tissue that has become irritated or sore, while the Glycothymoline douche following sameis an antiseptic. Both are antiseptic in their natures, but one is an acid while the other is an alkaline. Have these at the same time, but take the Atomidine douche first each day, preferably when ready to retire.

Once a day after the douches in the evening we would apply the DDD cream. This will allay the itching and the irritation about the vagina.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1968-9

(Q) Is the growth of superfluous hair on my body caused by thyroid, and what would correct it?

(A) This, as indicated, is the activity of the thyroid, but with these being purified: the glands, it will grow to be nearer and nearer a normal activity. There are in a human body no activities that are not in keeping with the activity of the whole system as a unit, but these will be aided to keep in a nearer normal condition.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1315-4

(Q) If the roots of the posterior molar invaginate the antral floor on the right side, is this likely to have serious consequences, and what should be done to correct it?

(A) With these antiseptides used in the various portions of the tissue, and with the activities of the system through the manipulative measures, these as we find would be reduced. We would, as an assistant stimuli with this condition, when the manipulations are given, use the violet ray application over those muscles and tissue to the right side of head and neck.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1158-31

(Q) Would the occasional taking of Atomidine be wise?

(A) Not if you use the kelp salt.

Edgar Cayce Reading T808-15

...and occasionally add the Atomidine. When this is taken take it regularly for 2-3 days, then leave off. Take one drop in half a glass of water of morning before any meal is taken. Take it for three days, then leave it off for two or three weeks, see? Then take it again for three days.

Edgar Cayce Reading T808-3

(Q) Should I continue taking Atomidine?

(A) This is well provided there is not kept an excess of iodine food values. But as we find, there is not a better manner in which iodine may be assimilated then small quantities of Atomidine taken rather periodically. That is, take one or two minims morning and evening for two, three, or four days ; then leave off for a week or two weeks, then take again. This keeps a better balance in these directions.

Edgar Cayce Reading T749-1

AS we find we would add to the system very small quantities of atomic iodine, in that called Atomidine, that we may make for better secretions in activity not only from the glands and ducts in the assimilating organs, but the more creative forces for the stamina in the activity of the adrenals and the thyroids and the activities through the system that will make for the creating of a balance. Never take more than one minim twice a day during the periods that such properties are to be taken. We would take it in periods of ten days, then leaving it off for five days, then take it for a period of ten days again. Then repeat the round whenever there are those feelings of the fullness that occurs at times in the body, as it were, of the internal and external circulation separating itself. One drop in half a glass of water, twice a day.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2457-6

There needs to be also the use of vaginal douches of Atomidine for those disturbances which arise from all the general conditions, to cleanse same. The properties would be about a teaspoonful of Atomidine in a quart and a half of water; body temperature. This would be done about once or twice a week. Use only the fountain syringe for these, and not the force pump or spray.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2175-2

Also, at least twice or three times during the ten days, use a mild Atomidine douch to clarify or purify the secretions through the pelvic organs. Use only a fountain syringe, you see, not a pressure syringe. The proportions of the Atomidine would be a teaspoonful of Atomidine, commercial strength, to a quart and a half of water; body temperature, at least 96-98, see?

Edgar Cayce Reading T2317-1

Then in making helpful administrations for the body we would first give that there be prepared a solution to be used as a penile douche. To two ounces of distilled water we would add one teaspoonful of Atomidine. Use the penis syringe full of this solution as a douche for the genitive system, through the urethra, at least once every day. This is to prevent the activities upon the kidneys becoming more involved in the disturbance.

Also, each morning before the meal, take internally three drops of this solution stirred in water; that is drinking same, see?

Edgar Cayce Reading T1158-31

(Q) Would taking of thyroid help thyroid balance?

(A) The taking of thyroid may help a little latter, but not in the present. To help the glandular balance better now we would use the kelp salt in the food preparations. Just used as seasoning, not as a medicine, for this carries sufficient iodines and such activity to aid the body in the present. When the cold comes on and greater activity is required, then use the glandular extract. That which is prepared from the glandular force itself is the better, and this should best be given under the direction of a physician.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1158-19

(Q) Should I take Atomidine?

(A) This would depend upon the nature of the pulsations of the body. In this particular body, if taken at all, it should be short periods, and then long periods between same. But Atomidine is most effective in purifying glandular system, and this is necessary for this body. But, the exercises purify also by re-oxygenating the whole system, by the very nature of the positions and the activities taken. When taken, it would be two minims in half a glass of water before the morning meal; taken only for about three days, and then skip a week or ten days or two weeks and then take again. Don't mix this up! Just have regular periods.

Edgar Cayce Reading T30-24-1

At least once a week give, by self, a douche. One week using (for the vaginal douche, you see) Two teaspoonsful of Glycothymoline to one quart of water; body temperature, and the next week using a teaspoonful of Atomidine to a quart and a half of water. Use only a fountain syringe. Only use the Atomidine every other week, but the Glycothymoline may be used twice between the Atomidine douches, see? It would be preferable in fact, to use the Glycothymoline douche twice to one of the Atomidine douche, but alternate these giving at least once each week, and sometimes twice of the Glyco, see?

Edgar Cayce Reading T3436-1

Do take Atomidine; one drop in half a glass of water before the morning meal, three days in succession each week. Do that and we will find better conditions for this body.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2982-3

(Q) Give cause and treatment of the uterine discharge.

(A) These, as treatments, would be the douches, alternating once a week the use of Atomidine and Glycothmoline. We would begin with the Atomidine and the quantity would be a teaspoonful to a quart and a half of water, but have the water body temperature. The next week use Glycothymoline; one tablespoonful to a quart of water, though of course these are not to be taken through the periods. These as we find will allay, and with the collective measures may, in the centers from which there are impulses of circulations for both blood and nerve, remove these disturbances which arise from a congestion, produced by irritation. The body is not sterile.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2797-1

(Q) Why are my teeth getting sensitive ridges in them? Can it be stopped?

(A) From lack of proper amount of circulation, and of calcium in the body; though calcium added to the body in the present would be detrimental rather than beneficial. But, with the character of foods indicated, and with the applications made for the correcting the impulses and the glandular forces, more calcium will be taken from the foods and eradicate this disturbance.

No fats in the diet. The meats should be fish, fowl, or lamb. No fried foods. Only the yolk of the egg should be taken. Rarely take such as beans that are dried. The green or leafy vegetables should be the principal ones used for this body. Do drink plenty of water, but nothing with carbonated waters in same. The body is more allergic to carbonated waters, or carbons in any form, than to other things.

Edgar Cayce Reading T5672-1

Take the Atomidine internally; five to eight drops in half a glass of water, twice each day. This may be taken at the time the gargle is made. Or at opposite periods. They would preferably be made just before retiring and when making the toilet, or the bath of mornings, before food is taken into the system.

Edgar Cayce Reading T5313-4

(Q) How to prevent tooth decay? (An awful lot of it in the past 3 years)

(A) Have them attended to, and add to the system occasionally Atomidine as a manner of gaining better control of the activity of the glands which formulate the circulation through the teeth, and the structural portion of the body. One drop, five days at a time, and then skip two weeks. Then again, do this throughout a whole year. You'll have your teeth in good fix if local attention is given to the rest.

Edgar Cayce Reading T4538-1

We would begin also immediately taking those properties of iodine as found in Atomidine, but in small doses. Not over five drops twice each day, morning and evening, see? Take this for at least ten days, then rest three days, then take for another period of ten days, see? Let the diet be along this line, though it may be altered to meet the needs or the circumstances for the body. Mornings: citrus fruit diet or orange juice, grapefruit or lemon taken, and a little later some toast, coffee, or a cereal drink. Noon: fruit juices (mixed fruits) then broths or soups, either of the meats or with vegetables, or vegetables alone, with a glass of milk or with a cereal drink again. Evenings: the vegetables and a little meat. No fish or sea foods as long as the iodine is being taken, and a few of the vegetables that grow under ground. Do this and we will find that in twenty to thirty days we should have a near normal body. Ready for questions.

(Q) Does the condition of my teeth have anything to do with my back trouble?

(A) This is rather the cause of the condition of teeth! But these should have their local attention, and where pus is indicated remove same. Otherwise use those of an Ipsab rub for the gums at least twice to three times a week, and we will find these will be removed.

Edgar Cayce Reading T4116-1

(Q) Are there any infections in the teeth or gums themselves?

(A) Rather has the shock to the nervous system been from a fracture to the bone itself, in the upper left portion of the jaw, see? Hence the activity has been to produce the strain that causes the pain in the head, in the neck, and especially in the 3rd and 4th series of supplies of blood and nerve to this side of the face. Hence we find it running on the right side in the neck, and as given the manipulations should extend through the 2nd 3rd and 4th cervical centers, relaxing them by manipulation.

(Q) What should be the dosage of Atomidine?

(A) As given, small quantities, so that there is not too great a strain on the system, until the manipulation, environment and food values are also having their effect upon the general body. The quantity then would be from three to five minims twice each day for the next week. Then begin with a small quantity again once each day; the next week increasing again, see?

Edgar Cayce Reading T3677-1

When the packs are started, use also for the pelvic organs a douche twice each week; using one Atomidine and the next week Glycothymoline. Twice in one week you see, use the Atomidine solution: one half teaspoonful in a quart and a half of water, body temperature. The next week take two douches using Glycothymoline in the proportions of a tablespoonful to a quart and a half of water, body temperature. Use only a fountain syringe.

Edgar Cayce Reading T698-1

(Q) What would you suggest for reducing blood pressure?

(A) This diet, these rubs, these will naturally reduce the blood pressure. Of course the high enemas will reduce quicker than any, which should be a portion of the treatment with the sweats and rubs, you see? When the sweat is given, to be sure, this should not be a high sweat, but you see the fumes should rise in the cabinet, with the temperature not above a hundred and one. Then the properties should be released in the fumes; as indicated, the iodine, so that the fumes settle over the body. Then have a through rubdown. Then add the massage with thte compound we have indicated, and we will reduce the pressure, we will change these vibrations, and we will strengthen the vision.

Edgar Cayce Reading T2680-1

Then first, we would begin with Atomidine taken internally. One drop in half a glass of water each morning before the meal is taken, for five days in succession the first series. Then the next week take only three days - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then leave it off until the next Monday, you see? Continue in this manner three days each week for at least five to six weeks.

Edgar Cayce Reading T1140-1

(Q) What is the meaning of drainage?

(A) When the activity from the nerve forces and the muscular plexus along any portion of the cerebrospinal system from which organs or portions of the body receive their nerve impulse are stimulated, this sets up a circulation that allows for refuse forces or drosses from the system to be carried out in a normal way and manner. This is drainage, see? Not necessary that excesses only through the alimentary canal be increased in eliminations to make for proper drainages, but the muscular forces or tendons or bursae, or the areas along the system where the nerve plexus produce the improper impulse, need to be stimulated. This is why the activity through a massage properly osteopathically given, sets up drainages better than the administering of those things that stimulate an already disturbed condition between the deep circulation and the superficial. See? That is though cathartics, etc., see?

Edgar Cayce Reading T811-6

As we find, a better douche to be used by the body for those tendencies for inflammatory conditions through the vagina and the uterus forces themselves would be with Atomidine. Proportions: Two teaspoonfuls commercial strength Atomidine to a quart of lukewarm or body temperature water. These, as we find, will not only add or make for a good antiseptic to make for a cleansing of the body, but the astringent activities and the healing properties in same will tend to reduce those tendencies, if kept at this temperature, for accumulations upon portions of the organs of the pelvis. We would do this douche about one or twice a week, or when there is an inclination for the leucorrhea to cause irritation by super acidity and that tendency it has to produce a pressure upon the bladder itself. For the urethra, or the tubes of the bladder itself, at times become through this acidity an irritation that causes these anxieties and produces a natural strain upon the whole of the nervous system itself. For such douches we would use a fountain syringe, rather than a force or spiral syringe.

Edgar Cayce Reading T5672-1

We would use gargle of Atomidine for the throat and for the roof of the mouth and the bronchi. To half a glass of water put 30-40 drops of Atomidine, see? Use as a gargle at least twice each day.

Edgar Cayce Reading T4438-1

However, if the proper precautions are taken we find there needs not be the operation, provided the condition is taken at this stage, though. If this is to be neglected in any part or portion, then don't commence it. For it would only retard the condition, and then the last stages would be worse than were there the operative measures in the present. If there is to be the persistent and consistent efforts to absorb the condition without the operation then we would do these:

Eliminate from the diet all fats, meats, heavy oils of any kind.

Keep the eliminations through the intestinal tract high by the use of vegetable forces and fluids that do not drain the system but that gently add resistance and the proper balancing of blood supply.

We would add to the forces in the system through medicinal properties of the iodine that may be absorbed in the system, or Atomidine. Take eight drops in a glass of water twice each day for a ten day period, resting five days, then begin again. Continue this for three or four months, or until there is determined as to weather this is being effective.

Edgar Cayce Reading T3062-1

First, in the blood supply, there is indicated that oftimes there has been quite an unbalancing in the chemical forces of the body. These have to do with the iodines, potash, soda and salts in their varied combinations in their activity through the system. And, this has tended to leave lesions or pressures in varied portions of the body. More specifically along the area of the cerebrospinal system, or rather the drosses that have produced tendencies for a form of lesion. This, with the pressures made upon the cartilaginous centers where there are those combinations of impulses in nerve and blood supply to organs, and to portions of the locomotories, gives rather an acute disturbance. In the main this leaves the body rather depleted, when taxed either physically or mentally.

Edgar Cayce Reading T270-34

Now in taking elements into the body, the diet, the water, or the drink that is taken, each carries its influence that carries certain products or problems, in its own self; as the supplying of the seven necessary elements needed in the body for sustaining the body throughout.

Edgar Cayce Reading T4438-1

Take small quantities of Atomidine internally. One to two drops in water for four or five days, and leave off. And bathe in a weakened solution of same, or bathe the portions thus affected. One is a preventative, the other of course is to eliminate same from the system.

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