Wild Rose Hip Tincture

Rosa acicularis Tincture

Wild Rose Hip Tincture
Wild Rose Hip Tincture
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Harvested in the Niagara Region. Wet tincture made from whole rose fruit.

Wild Rose Hip Tincture
Botanical Name Rosa acicularis, Rosa sayi, Rosa nipponensis, Rosa karelica, Rosa engelmannii, Rosa bourgeauiana, Rosa alpina
Common names Prickly Wild Rose, Bristly Rose, Prickly Rose, Arctic rose, Wild Rose
Strength 1:2 40% : 1/8 veg. Glycerine
Part Used Whole Fruit
Best Before 2018
Dissolved Solids (µS/ppm) 0.59 / 410
Refractive Index 1.3805
pH 4.9
Excerpt From The:
Ethnobotany of the Forest Potawatomi
by Huron H.Smith

Smooth Rose (Rosa blanda Ait.)“cipitiä'mîn” [toilet paper].

The Prairie Potawatomi also call this plant “sipitiä'mîn”. The Forest Potawatomi use the root of the Smooth Rose for medicine whereas the Prairie Potawatomi use the skin of the rose hips. The Forest Potawatomi make a tea for the treatment of lumbago and headaches. Among the whites,the flowers of the Smooth Rose are used among eclectic practitioners for their astringent, tonic and ophthalmic properties.

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